Hall Cemetery
Patton Township

(burials prior to 1964)

This was a hand-typed, hand-bound book which did not bear a copyright date, but was probably compiled by the Governor Thomas E. Ford Chapter of the DAR c. 1963. Many thanks to Gail
Hahn Hutchcraft [] for finding and transcribing this document for the benefit and free use of all Ford County, Illinois researchers.

The names in the book were presented in "close-to" alphabetical order, meaning they were placed within the proper letter group. I've gone a step further and alphabetized the whole list. There are 9 burials listed here.


An old graveyard on the Orval Clem farm in Patton, Section 23, Twp, Ford County, Il. South and East of State Hwy #45, going south. Copied in its entirety by: Ruth D. Bricker, 4-5-1966.

Anderson, Amanda J. d/o A. & A.J. d. 3-5-1869 1 mo 23 da
Anderson, William s/o A. & A.J. d. 11-11-1854 4 yr 1 mo
Henry, Clara H. d/o C. & C. d. 9-12-1868 1 yr 5 mo 18 da
Henry, Elizabeth w/o Jacob d. 4-14-1869 22 yr 2 mo
Henry, William s/o J. & E.D.  
Matchett, Asberry s/o J & C d. 7-4-1864 12 yr 9 mo 27 da
Matchett, Franklin s/o  
Nelson, Rosella d/o J.H. & E. d.10-18-1867 8 yr 8 mo 18 da
Woel(se)nford   d. 9-25-1869 73 yr 6 mo 12 da

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