Ten Mile Grove Cemetery
Patton Township

(burials prior to 1964)

This was a hand-typed, hand-bound book which did not bear a copyright date, but was probably compiled by the Governor Thomas E. Ford Chapter of the DAR c. 1963. Many thanks to Gail
Hahn Hutchcraft [] for finding and transcribing this document for the benefit and free use of all Ford County, Illinois researchers.

The names in the book were presented in "close-to" alphabetical order, meaning they were placed within the proper letter group. I've gone a step further and alphabetized the whole list. There are 10 burials listed here.


Ten Mile Grove was a stopping place for travelers traversing the Ottawa Road, the main line of travel from Danville to Ottawa, following streams and timber as often as possible in order to have water and wood for cooking.

The nearest settlement was at Sugar Grove, in the far southeastern corner of Button Twp, a distance of ten miles; hence the name of Ten Mile Grove settlement, located in the north west corner of what is now section 14 of Patton Twp, Ford County, about one fourth mile south of Illinois State Route 9, and one and one fourth miles east of Perdueville.

A small cemetery was established there as early as 1862. There are only ten marked graves left in the forgotten burying ground. The first was an infant in 1862. Some caskets were removed to other cemeteries.

The small plot is shaded by four beautiful oak trees and enclosed with a wire fence.

Buckley, James   d. 12-22-1865
Hagin, infant 1862
Hagin, Barbara w/o J.E.d. 1863
Hagin, J.B.   d. 1878
infant   1870
infant   d. 3-12-1870
Tabort, s/o J.E. d. 1870
Trickle, inf s/o M. & M.J.  
Trickle, ?   62 yr 6 mo 2 da
Trickle, Malinda w/o Robert  

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